Spring Event Must-Haves!

spring event must-haves

After a cold couple months, I can’t think of a better way to enjoy warmer weather than to host a vibrant spring fling. Here’s 5 spring event must-haves that’ll help you plan an event during this beautiful season.

1. Flowers: Flowers is spring’s main attraction! Show your guests the beauty of spring with a venue filled with vibrant, colorful flowers. Be sure your venue is full of photo spots.

2. Photo Booth: It’s no surprise that guests will want to take pictures during this season, so give them more pictures to take home with a photo booth with spring-themed backgrounds and props!

3. Outdoor seating: Guests will want to enjoy the warm air outdoors, so make sure there are plenty of comfortable areas to sit and relax.

4. Barbecue: With long sunny days, a barbecue is perfect for a spring party. Serve up your favorite barbecue foods!

5. Fun Games: Top off your event with some friendly games, like watermelon eating contests or sports!

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