Winter Event Must-Haves!

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With the holidays coming around, everyone is scrambling to put together a holiday party. Here’s five tips on how to plan the best holiday festivities this year!

1. Decorations: Everyone celebrates their holidays differently, but however you celebrate, be sure to decorate your event to fit your theme! This will give your guests awesome Insta-worthy photo ops and a way to remember the night forever.

2. Cozy Venue: Make sure guests are able to keep warm at your event! Nothing screams winter like a nice fireplace and warm blankets. You can also keep your guests warm with hot cocoa, s’mores, and other warm snacks!

3. Activities for everyone: The holidays is the time for family. Keep in mind guests of all ages and make sure there’s something to do for everyone. Music and drinks for the adults and fun holiday games for the kids.

4. Potluck Style Food: Since the holidays are all about sharing, have your guests each bring something small or cater food to have a potluck style meal!

5. Gifts: Keep the holiday spirit up and surprise your guests with gifts! Play holiday games for gift rewards or host a raffle with your guests.

Which Payment System Is Right For Me?

Stripe PayPal Braintree Authorize.Net
Commission Based:
2.9% + 30¢ when under $1 million each year
Tiered  Pricing:
  1.  $3,000 USD monthly (2.5% plus 30 cents)
  2.  $10,000 USD monthly (2.2% plus 30 cents)
  3.  $100,000 USD monthly (Calculated on individual basis)
Commission based:
2.9% + 30¢
Gateway Only:
$49 per month and $.10 per transaction
Commission Based:

1.  2.9% + 30c

2.  Setup: one time fee of  $99

3.  Monthly  Gateway Charge: $25

Credit Card Processing Charge from your website:  free

International Cards: free

Charge from your website:  $30/ month

International Cards charged 30¢ [for authorizations and card verification]

American Express Charge: 3.5%+ 0.05¢ per transaction 

International cards charged 1% of transaction

American Express Charge: 3.5% per transaction

Charge from your website:  free

International Cards: free

American Express Charge: 3.5% per transaction

Rolling 2 Day Transfers
1 Business Day
Within 2 Business Days
Gateway Only
Security  Level 1 PCI compliant

Encryption of sensitive data

Encryption of all communication

Vulnerability disclosure program investigates every security issue

Uses HTTPS to secure all connections

24/7 transaction monitoring

Does not share buyer financial information with sellers

Encryptions keep payments guarded from start to finish

Dispute resolution [will put a hold on funds when needed]

Level 1 PCI Compliant

Encrypted data in Braintree vault

Users authenticate themselves every time they log in

Employee, customer, and vendor activity is monitored

Automated vulnerability scans conducted each quarter

Recognized by Visa and MasterCard as industry leading in safety


Hourly and daily transaction limits [customizable]

IP filters: designate IP addresses allowed to make transactions

Transaction filters [validate credit cards before processing]

Shipping filters: identify shipping and billing mismatches]


Summer Event Must-Haves!

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Summer is all about kicking back and enjoying a break. Whether you want your guests to soak up the sun at an outdoors bash or you want a relaxing indoor event, here’s five of the top summer must haves!

  1. Aesthetic Venue: From a sunny outdoors venue to an Instagram worthy indoor location, this summer is all about making memories and dressing for the occasion. Let your guests remember the moments with awesome pictures to take home!
  2. Finger Food: Guests will want to take a break from all the partying to grab a quick bite! Key to a successful summer bash is a quick and mess-free menu.
  3. Live Entertainment: Never let the party stop! Keep your guests partying with live music and activities for everyone. 
  4. Lights: The party doesn’t stop at night! Brighten up the venue and party into the night with beautiful string lights. Perfect for setting a summer under the stars mood and more pictures!
  5. Drinks: Everyone needs a refresher to cool down in the summer sun. Have an open-bar for your 21+ guests and something creative for the kids! 

What are you waiting for? Get your party on and plan your next summer event with us!

Start 2017 with Eventbee’s FREE ticketing for San Francisco!


Join us as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

We are excited to introduce FREE ticketing for all events in San Francisco for the entire year. Yes, you read it correctly, we are giving you free ticketing service for the whole year! San Francisco has supported us from day one and we want to give back to our hometown.

Eventbee began its journey in 2007 in San Francisco as it became the first online ticketing platform in the industry that introduced the competitive pricing of $1 flat fee. Since then, we have grown tremendously with our flexible payment options ranging from PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and more! We reached a huge milestone in 2015 when we crossed $100 million in ticket sales and in 2016 when we launched Eventbee in Spanish speaking countries. Today, we celebrate 10 years proudly in more than 100 countries!


With over a decade of experience, you can now manage any kind of event anywhere in the world using our platform. All events in San Francisco in 2017 are eligible for FREE basic ticketing, which means you can utilize Eventbee’s services completely free of charge! For more details on how to get started, check out our website here.

Announcing Eventbee For Business

Today, we are excited to premiere the new Business tier, which extends the power of the Eventbee Platform to cater to custom business needs.

Through the new Eventbee for Business tier and our industry-leading launch partners, business event managers can enable:

  • Ticketing Rules: With ticketing rules, businesses can create conditions to register for the event, e.g, unless attendee registered for the conference, can’t register for a session in the conference.

TicketLogic (2)

  • Buyer Page: Lets attendees to edit their registration profile information, and businesses can give access to exclusive content meant for the attendees.


  • Priority Registration: Priority Registration allows businesses to control who can register for the event.


  • Sub-Managers: Create sub-managers for team management of the event. Businesses can set access controls and delegate tasks to sub-managers, e.g, sub-managers that are allowed to check-in attendees at the venue.


“As we began researching online registration applications, we could not find a solution that specifically met our needs for a complex registration process. Eventbee, however, accommodated our requirements by creating customized ‘ticketing rules’ to prevent registrations being made during conflicting days and times, while staying well within our budget.”

Kathy O’Hern of Montana Association of Weavers & Spinners.

For more details, visit

Case Study: DeMolay International

About DeMolay International

DeMolay International is a non-profit organization that holds many types of events all over the country. People come from all over the world to attend the Demolay International Annual Convention, which is an event that aims to prepare young men for happy and successful lives through character building and leadership training over the course of a weekend. From registering for the convention, to paying for meals and hotel rooms, there is a lot of thought and planning that goes into this event.


As a non-profit, DeMolay International was having trouble finding an online platform that would allow for them to design a detailed registration form at a very low price. They needed their form to be dynamic and customizable, and they needed to ask attendees questions based on which tickets they were choosing. DeMolay also wanted to use their current merchant account to accept credit card payments, and they wanted everything to be very user friendly and easy.


DeMolay International decided to take advantage of Eventbee’s custom events pages. They needed to offer a wide variety of options to attendees, and Eventbee was the perfect fit. They could set up an event page for people to register for the event, reserve hotel rooms, pay for meals, and answer questions related to the purchase. Eventbee made it possible to handle all of these tasks in a simple and efficient manner.

They also took advantage of Eventbee’s flexible credit card processing capabilities. Now, DeMolay International could use their existing account to process payments for their event tickets. Eventbee also supports by Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe credit card processing.

Eventbee’s discount for non-profit organizations was also a huge help to the company. DeMolay International was able to take advantage of the “Eventbee for Common Good” program, which aims to help non-profit organizations save money on online ticketing. Eventbee offers a 25% discount for 501c3 non-profit organizations. This was perfect for DeMolay International.

The company also enjoys the fact that Eventbee has a great customer service staff that can always help. They stated that “The customer service staff is excellent and they were always able to answer my questions or provide a solution when asked.” Eventbee is perfect for DeMolay International because they value the fact that they can give unlimited options, while keeping their costs low.

“The customer service staff is excellent and they were always able to answer my questions or provide a solution when asked.” -Gary Denklau, DeMolay International

Features Used:

  • Event Page Customization
  • Flexible Credit Card Processing
  • Different Ticket Types
  • Ticket Level Questions
  • Custom Registration Form

New Eventbee Manager 1.0 App

We are excited to announce the release of Eventbee Manager 1.0 for Android. You can now check-in attendees and sell tickets right at the door from your Android tablet or phone.

Here are the highlights:

  • QR code and barcode ticket scanning
  • Sell tickets and process credit cards at the door
  • Monitor attendance and ticket sales in real time
  • Simultaneous manager and sub-manager login

Eventbee Manager combines attendee check-in and at the door ticket sales with a single app. Your check in process will be faster and more efficient. For selling tickets, you can continue to use the same credit card processing provider that you use on

Download the app today from the Google Play store!

The Top 6 Reasons To Use Eventbee

If you are wondering why to use Eventbee for NYE ticketing, here are the top 6 reasons:

1. $1 Flat Fee Per Ticket Sale

$1 flat fee per ticket regardless of ticket price. Don’t pay percentage fees, save big with our flat fee pricing model.

2. Immediate Access to Ticket Sale Proceeds

You can use PayPal, Stripe, Braintree or payment processing to receive ticket sale proceeds instantly to your account, no need to wait until the event is over!

3. Facebook Ticketing App

Now your fans can purchase tickets and share the event on Facebook, resulting in more ticket sales. Just click on the following link to install the app:

4. At The Door Apps

Check-in attendees using your mobile phone or tablet, iOS or Android device. No need to invest in expensive scanning equipment, use device camera to scan QR codes for faster attendee check-in.

5. Free Advertisement

Free Google, Facebook and Twitter advertisement of your NYE party. We pay for this advertising, you don’t pay a dime!

6. Streamline Event Management

We have advanced features backed by 10 years of experience to manage any kind of event.

You get access to features such as add sub-managers to your event and delegate tasks, tracking URLs to track sales from different websites.

If you have any other questions, go to our website at Have a great day!

Freshen Up Your Summer Event!

Want to bring in a SPLASH of flavor to your summer event?! Add some delicious natural flavor to your drinks this summer with fruit infused ice cubes!  Grapes, lemons, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, and more!  These additions are fun, colorful, and great not just with water, but any beverage of your liking! 

Adding this little twist to your event will revitalize your attendees healthily, as opposed to artificially flavored enhancers.  These make a perfect party refreshment! What are some of your favorite fruit infused ice cube drink combos?!  Share your creations with us by tagging @eventbee! #fruit #summer #events #partytips #eventprofs

Photo by Camille Styles