Case Study: DeMolay International

About DeMolay International

DeMolay International is a non-profit organization that holds many types of events all over the country. People come from all over the world to attend the Demolay International Annual Convention, which is an event that aims to prepare young men for happy and successful lives through character building and leadership training over the course of a weekend. From registering for the convention, to paying for meals and hotel rooms, there is a lot of thought and planning that goes into this event.


As a non-profit, DeMolay International was having trouble finding an online platform that would allow for them to design a detailed registration form at a very low price. They needed their form to be dynamic and customizable, and they needed to ask attendees questions based on which tickets they were choosing. DeMolay also wanted to use their current merchant account to accept credit card payments, and they wanted everything to be very user friendly and easy.


DeMolay International decided to take advantage of Eventbee’s custom events pages. They needed to offer a wide variety of options to attendees, and Eventbee was the perfect fit. They could set up an event page for people to register for the event, reserve hotel rooms, pay for meals, and answer questions related to the purchase. Eventbee made it possible to handle all of these tasks in a simple and efficient manner.

They also took advantage of Eventbee’s flexible credit card processing capabilities. Now, DeMolay International could use their existing account to process payments for their event tickets. Eventbee also supports by Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe credit card processing.

Eventbee’s discount for non-profit organizations was also a huge help to the company. DeMolay International was able to take advantage of the “Eventbee for Common Good” program, which aims to help non-profit organizations save money on online ticketing. Eventbee offers a 25% discount for 501c3 non-profit organizations. This was perfect for DeMolay International.

The company also enjoys the fact that Eventbee has a great customer service staff that can always help. They stated that “The customer service staff is excellent and they were always able to answer my questions or provide a solution when asked.” Eventbee is perfect for DeMolay International because they value the fact that they can give unlimited options, while keeping their costs low.

“The customer service staff is excellent and they were always able to answer my questions or provide a solution when asked.” -Gary Denklau, DeMolay International

Features Used:

  • Event Page Customization
  • Flexible Credit Card Processing
  • Different Ticket Types
  • Ticket Level Questions
  • Custom Registration Form

New Eventbee Manager 1.0 App

We are excited to announce the release of Eventbee Manager 1.0 for Android. You can now check-in attendees and sell tickets right at the door from your Android tablet or phone.

Here are the highlights:

  • QR code and barcode ticket scanning
  • Sell tickets and process credit cards at the door
  • Monitor attendance and ticket sales in real time
  • Simultaneous manager and sub-manager login

Eventbee Manager combines attendee check-in and at the door ticket sales with a single app. Your check in process will be faster and more efficient. For selling tickets, you can continue to use the same credit card processing provider that you use on

Download the app today from the Google Play store!

The Top 6 Reasons To Use Eventbee

If you are wondering why to use Eventbee for NYE ticketing, here are the top 6 reasons:

1. $1 Flat Fee Per Ticket Sale

$1 flat fee per ticket regardless of ticket price. Don’t pay percentage fees, save big with our flat fee pricing model.

2. Immediate Access to Ticket Sale Proceeds

You can use PayPal, Stripe, Braintree or payment processing to receive ticket sale proceeds instantly to your account, no need to wait until the event is over!

3. Facebook Ticketing App

Now your fans can purchase tickets and share the event on Facebook, resulting in more ticket sales. Just click on the following link to install the app:

4. At The Door Apps

Check-in attendees using your mobile phone or tablet, iOS or Android device. No need to invest in expensive scanning equipment, use device camera to scan QR codes for faster attendee check-in.

5. Free Advertisement

Free Google, Facebook and Twitter advertisement of your NYE party. We pay for this advertising, you don’t pay a dime!

6. Streamline Event Management

We have advanced features backed by 10 years of experience to manage any kind of event.

You get access to features such as add sub-managers to your event and delegate tasks, tracking URLs to track sales from different websites.

If you have any other questions, go to our website at Have a great day!

Eventbee Announces Support for, Stripe, and Braintree Payments

We are excited to announce that Eventbee now supports, Stripe and Braintree Payments.  With this announcement, Eventbee is the only company in the events industry that supports a wide variety of payment providers, which already include Paypal and Google.

These newly added credit card processing companies allow Eventbee to extend its platform to event managers worldwide to process payments in over 130 currencies. By supporting a wide range of payment providers, Eventbee allows event managers to choose their preferred payment provider and immediate access to ticket sale proceeds.

There is a lot of innovation happening in the payments industry. We are excited to pass the benefits of that innovation to our customers by embracing them while maintaining our focus on developing new technologies in the events industry.

Brief description of newly added payment providers:

Since 1996, Authorize.Net has been the leading provider of payment services with over billions of secured transactions. Currently over 380,000 merchants use Authorize.Net’s services in USA and UK.

Braintree has a presence in more than 40 countries worldwide and processes payments in more than 130 different currencies.

Stripe positions its solution as a simple, elegant alternative to more complex payment gateways or dealing with banks, credit card companies and other parties.

Click here to see our press release!

Eventbee Celebrates 10 Years!

Eventbee is celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary and we would like to thank you for your support.

As part of celebrating our success, we are giving away ONE MILLION dollars worth of Bee Credits, which can be used towards service fee payments. We will reward $100 Bee Credits for each customer you refer to Eventbee, and the new customer will also receive $100 Bee Credits. For more information, visit

We would also like to extend an invite to our 10 Year Anniversary party on January 25th! For more details and to RSVP, visit

Here are 10 interesting facts about Eventbee:

1. Eventbee initially started as an attendee networking site, way before the social networking phenomenon started.

2. First company in the events industry to bring a flat-fee pricing model, charging only $1 per ticket sold.

3. Eventbee supports credit card payment processing for over 20 different currencies.

4. Eventbee is used in 84 countries (and counting!) around the world.

5. Only ticketing company that gives a 25% discount in service fees to non-profits.

6. Eventbee customers have saved millions of dollars with flat-fee pricing model, compared to the competition.

7. Company doesn’t implement customer contracts since Eventbee doesn’t believe in binding clients.

8. Eventbee is the first online ticketing company to reward attendees for their event promotions.

9. Operates 24/7 in offices located in the US and India to assist customers and improve services.

10. Volumebee (, the newest member of the Eventbee family, is announced as part of its 10-year anniversary.

Introducing Eventbee Network Ticket Selling

Wondering how you can take advantage of growing emphasis on social media these days? Eventbee has created the solution. Welcome to Eventbee Network Ticket Selling, the new way of selling tickets on Facebook!

Eventbee Network Ticket Selling gives event managers the ability to easily market to the friends of their attendees. All an event manager has to do is set a commission rate on each ticket sale. Then, attendees post a customized link on their Facebook walls, and for every ticket sold through that link they are rewarded in the form of Bee Credits. Attendees can use Bee Credits to make future ticket purchases or redeem them for other promotional incentives.

This is what Josh Catone, Features Editor of says

“Facebook has an amazing platform for virally publicizing events, but right now, it doesn’t have any way to support ticket sales. Eventbee solves that problem using Facebook Connect in a very clever way. Not only can events be promoted on Facebook via your friends’ news feeds, but Eventbee offers a way to turn your Facebook friends into ticket sellers.”

Network Ticket Selling is not trying to have attendees spam friends. But instead, attendees are just receiving a small incentive to let their friends know what event they are attending, and why they should come as well. Eventbee believes that the word of mouth approach that Network Ticket Selling uses will create a more credible message when attendees inform their friends, resulting in easy and greater numbers of ticket sales.

Eventbee’s patent pending technology allows you to create effective viral marketing campaigns and sell more tickets by effectively tapping attendee’s social graph on Facebook.

New concepts we are introducing part of this feature release:

Bee Credits (B$):

Attendees get rewarded with Bee Credits for promoting events. Bee Credits can be used towards future ticket purchases and other promotional incentives. The value of the Bee Credit always stays one dollar or above.

Attendee Accounts:

To keep track of the Bee Credits earned we are introducing attendee accounts. Sign up is very simple and quick with the integration of Facebook Connect. Attendees are able to view purchases, print tickets and also promote events on their Facebook with simple clicks in attendee accounts.

How do I enable Network Ticket Selling on my event?

Its very simple:

1. Login to your account at Eventbee

2. Go to event manage page of the event you would like to enable Network Ticket Selling

3. Click on Network Ticket Selling link in Advanced section of the left Menu bar

4. Enable Network Ticket Selling and set commission on each ticket sale

Link to our press release:

Introducing Eventbee iPad Box Office

Eventbee iPad Box Office

Back in March, our CEO Bala was talking to a theater owner in Vegas. The owner said, “Why can’t I use Eventbee to sell tickets at the counter? I would like to capture attendee information the same way I do online to better promote my theater.”  That got Bala thinking.

The iPad has been on the Eventbee radar since it was released in April 2010- we’ve just been waiting for the perfect timing! Now that the iPad is a mature product with many other capabilities, we’re using it to make buying tickets as simple as getting soda from the vending machine!

Today, we are excited to announce Eventbee iPad Box Office, as feature- rich as our web app. In fact, your event page will render to iPad specific UI when accessed, so there is no application to download or install. It’s a complete web-based, iPad-specific ticketing application.

Example Box Office URL:

My Box Office URL
Box Office URL

Every Eventbee account comes with box office URL. To utilize the iPad Box office capabilities, all you must do is point to that URL on your iPad, and you can display all or any events you choose on your box office.

My Box Office Settings
Box Office Settings

Attendees who visit your box office can view all of your events. When they enter an event to purchase tickets, the iPad Box Office shows the seats available as they appear in the seating chart- so they can sit where they prefer! The attendee provides his or her information, which is stored in central Attendee database, that you can use to promote your future events. Anyone can purchase tickets in moments- the iPad Box office is extremely user-friendly!

iPad Box Office Home Page
iPad Box Office Home Page
Seating Selection
Seat Selection
Ticket Type Selection
Ticket Type Selection
Attendee Profile
Attendee Profile
Payment Page

Highlights of the Eventbee iPad Box Office:

* Completely optimized, simple to use, web-based iPad UI.
* One system to manage online and onsite ticket sales.
* Optional use of external Credit Card processing providers and ticket printers.
* Replace traditional box office systems with inexpensive and feature-rich iPad.
* Captures attendee information and stores it in a central database that can be used for future event promotions.
* No application or software to download, easy upgrade to latest technologies on iPad

Click here to view our press release.

Stay tuned for more announcements! We are working with other industry partners to make the ticket-buying experience on iPad as seamless as possible.

Display Facebook Attendee List Right On Your Event Page

We love social features, that’s what makes things go viral. We already got social share buttons and social commenting on your event page. Today, we added one more social feature to the list – display all your Facebook event page RSVP list right on your Eventbee event page.

Visitors to your Eventbee event page will know who RSVPed for your event on Facebook, and will also see who among their friends are attending the event.

Facebook Attending List

To display this, all you have to do is go to your event manage page, and enter your Facebook eid(event id) in the Customization -> Content section.

Facebook Attendee List Setting

Your Eventbee event page with all social components looks like the following:

Event Page

How To Get Your Event Featured On Home Page

We get asked by many on how to get their event displayed on home page. We follow simple principles like quality of the content on your event page, how popular is your event and diversity of the event category.

Here are the simple tips to get your event featured on our home page!

1. Customize your event – We provide many customization tools, and make use of them to beautify your event page.

2. Start selling tickets – Display your event page link on your website and emails.

3. Share your event on the social web – Click on Facebook and Twitter share buttons on your event page to make it happen.

4. Engage social conversation – Post Facebook comments on your event page to trigger social conversation around your event.

5. Features usage – We have tons of features like venue seating etc., the more features you use the more chances of getting featured.

Introducing Eventbee 5.0 – Bringing Disruptive Technology And Pricing Model To The Event Venues!

New Features, Same Low Price

We are proud to announce the release of Eventbee 5.0! We are simplifying venue ticketing by introducing Venue Seating and a Real Time ticket scanning application available on the iPhone and Android smart phones.

The Great New Features of Eventbee 5.0:

Venue Seating

SeatingGot seats you need to sell? Try our easy to use seating layout system. It can support multiple seating sections for a single venue. You can pre-define seats with multiple ticket types and reservations. Attendee can simply click on the desired seats and buy tickets.

Real Time attendee Check-In with iPhone and Android phones

iPhoneThe Real Time Attendee Check-In App is now available both on the iPhone and Android phones. Once you check an attendee in, we sync that information with the Eventbee server back-end so you can have multiple Check-Ins using multiple smart phones. This app is available for free in the iPhone App Store and Android Market. Venues no longer need to use expensive scanning devices and software, resulting in huge savings.

No More Invoices

PayPal XEvent managers love us for our simple pricing model, and we are making it even simpler. We are eliminating our invoicing system by implementing PayPal X, and taking our $1 flat fee upfront. This feature is available to all events that use PayPal as its payment processing method.


RSVPIf you are hosting a free event, you don’t have to create $0 tickets to collect attendee information, now you can use our RSVP feature to keep track of your attendees. There are now more features you can use for your RSVP event such as adding questions and other features that are available on regular ticketed events.


We now have social sharing buttons on every event page, along with a Facebook commenting feature to allow your attendees to talk about the event on the event page and share with their friends on Facebook.

Here is our press release:

Introducing Eventbee 5.0 – Bringing Disruptive Technology And Pricing Model To The Event Venues

Venue Seating, iPhone and Android Ticket Scanning, along with other features to fully equip event venues to manage any event.

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) March 24, 2011 — Eventbee Inc., the online event registration and ticketing software company trusted by thousand of event managers and attendees all over the world, announced today the release of Eventbee 5.0. This new release simplifies venue ticketing by introducing Venue Seating and a Real Time ticket scanning application available on the iPhone and Android smart phones.

With this exciting launch of Eventbee 5.0, the company brings its experience it has gained over the past eight years in event ticketing to the venue ticketing industry. This release demonstrates that Eventbee continues to develop some of the most advanced features in the ticketing industry. It remains a user-friendly ticketing system with the incredibly disruptive $1 flat fee per ticket pricing model, regardless of ticket price and currency!

“We have tried a number of ticketing solutions; none can match up with Eventbee functionality and pricing. Eventbee’s new seating support is a crucial component to power our theater ticketing” said Angelo J. Giordano, Giordano Theaters – Las Vegas

Notable Highlights of Eventbee 5.0

Venue Seating:

Simple to use seating layout system. Supports multiple seating sections for a single venue. Pre-define seats with multiple ticket types and reservations. Attendee can simply click on the desired seat(s) and buy tickets.

Real Time attendee Check-In with iPhone and Android phones:

Allows Real Time attendee Check-In at the venue using iPhone or Android phones. On the spot syncing of Check-In data with Eventbee server back-end allows parallel attendee Check-In using multiple smart phones. This app is available for free in the iPhone App Store and Android Market. Venues no longer need to use expensive scanning devices and software, resulting in huge savings.

No More Invoices:

Event managers love us for our simple pricing model, and we are making it even simpler. Eliminating our invoicing system by implementing PayPal X, and taking our $1 flat fee upfront. This feature is available to all events that use PayPal as its payment processing method.

“We are challenging the status quo of venue ticketing with Eventbee 5.0 by bringing seating technology, the $1 flat fee per ticket pricing model, and our 8 years of experience in the events industry.” said Bala Musrif, Founder and CEO of Eventbee.

About Eventbee

Eventbee Inc. provides state-of-the-art web-based event management and ticketing tools to the Events Industry. Since 2003, over 20,000 Event Managers sold tickets using the Eventbee Platform. Eventbee operates with the single mission of maximizing ticket sales while providing the latest technologies to the event managers all over the world.

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