Hosting common good events? We would like to reward you with a 25% giveback!

We are super excited to announce a 25% giveback on our service fee to all non-profit, school events, and all events dedicated to the common good for the year 2011.

Instead of our $1 flat fee, you only pay 75 cents for every ticket sold.

This is our way of thanking you for hosting common good events.

Sign up for an Eventbee account with the promotional code GOOD to receive this discount.


1. How do I qualify for this program?

A. If you are hosting a non-profit or school event in which its sole purpose is not dedicated to making a profit, sign up for a free Eventbee account with the promotional code GOOD and start receiving your 25% discount.

2. Do I need to submit any paper work?

A. No we don’t ask you to submit any paper work. We don’t believe in giving you more work when you are already busy managing your event!

3. How long this program is valid?

A. We are planning to run this program entire 2011, so all events you are hosting in 2011 will get 25% discount in service fee.

4. We love this program, how can we thank you?

A. Spread the word! We love to see as many common good events as possible take advantage of this opportunity.

You can also display the “Ticketing Powered by Eventbee” image on your website and emails. Log in to your account, get this Referral Button code on the bottom right of the “My Events” page, under “Eventbee Associates.”

5. I have more questions, who do I contact?

A. Please drop us an email at support @