Eventbee Integrates with Facebook Connect and Introduces Network Ticket Selling – Social

The news hit the wires few minutes back, here is the press release link:


Here is the complete text of the Press Release:

Eventbee Integrates with Facebook Connect and Introduces Network Ticket Selling – Social

Now Event Managers Can Tap More than 130 Million Facebook Users to Increase Ticket Sales.

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) January 15, 2009 — Eventbee, Inc., the online Event Management software company trusted by thousands of event managers and attendees, announced today the release of Eventbee Network Ticket Selling – Social. It is the next evolution of Event Management Platform – enabling any Facebook user to seamlessly “connect” and “tap” into their Social Graph to sell more tickets and be rewarded for each ticket sale.

Now Event Managers can designate any Facebook user to become a ticket selling Partner by simply enabling Network Ticket Selling on their events. The incentives set by Event Managers motivate Partners to promote events across their Social Graph through social interactions. This innovative feature allows Event Managers to tap the viral effect of Social Networks in an eloquent manner and reach new attendees that are not available through traditional methods like Email Marketing.

Eventbee’s complete integration with Facebook Connect allows any Facebook user to become a Partner and promote events hosted at Eventbee, without ever having to sign-up with Eventbee. If allowed, Partner can pass some or all of the incentives offered by Event Manager to the Social Graph, encouraging friends within their Social Graph to register for the event for a discounted price. With this feature, Eventbee demonstrates that there are true benefits of being part of a Social Network or one’s Social Graph.

“We love Eventbee. We have been using Eventbee on our events of which includes Obama for Change-Organizers and Volunteer Victory Celebration (http://obamainaugurationparty.eventbee.com). This new feature that allows passing discounts to Facebook friends is really exciting and a big CHANGE in how we sell tickets online. We are looking forward to tapping this innovative feature in all our events!” said Jenn Shaw, Jnine Media/Music Video 2.0 LLC.

Notable highlights of this feature include:

  • Event Manager is allowed to set different commissions for different Partners.
  • Event Manager can pre-split, and optionally lock in the commission between Partner and Friends.
  • Partner can pass some or all of the commission to Friends, resulting in maximum event registration discount to the Friends.
  • Partners can create custom event pages to build their own brand.
  • Commission payments to the Partners is managed by Eventbee.
  • Real time reports to monitor Partner ticket sales activity.

“We were excited to see how Eventbee’s new offerings could help expand our reach through leveraging our social networks. After thoroughly testing their functionality, we were convinced to switch our company’s entire online ticketing program over to Eventbee!” said Steve Chen, founder of ALIST – the largest event production company in Northern California.

EVENTBEE PRICING: Flat fee of $1 per ticket sold using Eventbee’s Network Ticket Selling feature. This is in addition to Eventbee’s disruptive flat service fee of $1 per ticket sale, regardless of ticket price.

About Eventbee:
Eventbee, Inc., provides state-of-the-art web-based event management and event promotion tools to the Events Industry. Since 2003, over 7000 Event Managers have sold tickets using the Eventbee Platform. Eventbee operates with the single mission of maximizing ticket sales while providing easy to use web-based software to the Events Industry.

Press Contact:
Angela Rio
408 310 6768

All material presented here is a copyright of Eventbee, Inc., and all features mentioned in the document above are the property of the company. Sell More Tickets. Put Less Effort!

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