Introducing Volumebee: Get One to Many!

We are excited to finally introduce the newest member of the Bee family, Volumebee (, to the world!

Volumebee allows users to define a goal and provide tools to get communities to reach that goal. The goal can be fundraising, promotions, or selling items. Allows users to create a branded web page, with the goal tracker and potential reward description. Participants who visit this web page will act towards the goal with just one click! Participants will also spread the goal to their friends by sharing via various social networks.

“Volumebee’s group ticket selling concept was a great tool for kick-starting our New Year’s Eve event ticket sales!” – J. Ramon Estevez, President, UVMG

Volumebee Use Cases: 

  • Sell Items – Product launch funding, Group event discounts, Clearing inventory, etc.
  • Raise Money – Mass or Individual fundraising, etc.
  • Promotions – Event promotions, Market research campaign, etc.

 Volumebee Highlights:

  1.  Instant branded webpage to convey goal and potential reward
  2.  Ability to accept fixed or variable payments towards the goal
  3.  Flexibility in credit card payment processing
  4.  Automated system to reward participants when the goal is reached
  5.  Keep track of goal duration and progress

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