NEW BEE Launches Tomorrow!

Good Evening everyone!  We will officially be announcing our newest member of the Bee family tomorrow!  Volumebee is a platform that allows users to define a goal and provide tools to get communities to reach that goal. The goal can be fundraising, promotions, or selling items.  The newest Bee allows users to create a branded web page, with the goal tracker and potential reward description.  We want consumers to associate their “goal” as a “volume”.  In addition, this volume ticketing selling concept is something that has been on our minds for a while now, and we are proud to finally be able to present this new company.

Interestingly, our CEO Bala Musrif initially launched this volume ticket selling concept as a feature in Eventbee. Shortly after, we found that our Eventbee customers were interested in utilizing this concept beyond event ticketing.  Keeping that in mind, we decided to release this concept as this separate brand name under a generic technology platform.  When coming up with images representing the new company, we came up with a rain drop next to a rain cloud, a brick in comparison to a house, and a music note becoming a piece of music.  Each single identity is representative as its own, but as a whole they are stronger and more complete.  Hence our mission to consumers: Get One to Many with Volumebee.  With our easy-to-use platform, we assist users in tracking and achieving their goals seamlessly, one-by-one until their volume becomes a whole. 

Overall, we are very excited for the launch of Volumebee!  We hope it is a platform utilized for a variety of goals, yet again whether it be for selling items, raising money, promotions, or more.  We strive to optimize the experience for our users and provide them with new, innovative tools to track and reach their goals. 


Thank you!

“Get One to Many with Volumebee!”

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