What payment processing methods do you use for your events?

Hello Everyone,

We are conducting a quick, one question poll to learn more about your event preferences. On behalf of everyone at Eventbee, we would like to thank you for your time, and offer you a $100 credit towards your first event!

Thank you for taking this quick poll! To receive your $100 credit, sign up account for free at Eventbee and enter promo code 100POLL

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How To Get Your Event Featured On eventbee.com Home Page

We get asked by many on how to get their event displayed on eventbee.com home page. We follow simple principles like quality of the content on your event page, how popular is your event and diversity of the event category.

Here are the simple tips to get your event featured on our home page!

1. Customize your event – We provide many customization tools, and make use of them to beautify your event page.

2. Start selling tickets – Display your event page link on your website and emails.

3. Share your event on the social web – Click on Facebook and Twitter share buttons on your event page to make it happen.

4. Engage social conversation – Post Facebook comments on your event page to trigger social conversation around your event.

5. Features usage – We have tons of features like venue seating etc., the more features you use the more chances of getting featured.

Eventbee Makes To Mashable’s Top 10 Impressive Implementations Of Facebook Connect

We are proud and honored to inform that we made to the reputed technology blog Mashable’s top 10 most impressive Facebook Connect implementations list 🙂

mashable says:

Facebook has an amazing platform for virally publicizing events, but right now, it doesn’t have any way to support ticket sales. Eventbee solves that problem using Facebook Connect in a very clever way.

Here is the link to the complete article –  http://mashable.com/2009/07/21/facebook-connect-new/

Insidefacebook says “Eventbee is perfect solution for your social media event marketing needs”

Insidefacebook.com recently covered our Network Ticket Selling Social feature. Here is the snippet of what they say:

If you’re an event coordinator or interested in event marketing through social networks but don’t know what the best way is to integrate your service with Facebook, EventBee is likely a good place to start and may be the perfect solution for your social media event marketing needs!

For complete coverage, please visit http://www.insidefacebook.com/2009/01/22/eventbee-integrates-with-facebook-connect-and-introduces-social-ticket-selling/

Customers love Eventbee

We get lot of thank you emails from our customers, the one we got on Friday has more than couple of sentences, just thought of sharing with our blog readers:

Thank you, Eventbee!  As a very small scale non-profit, you saved us a lot of time, effort and money in putting together our annual fundraising event.  Your website was very easy to use. Most importantly, your staff is very helpful, responsive and easy to work with.  We look forward to working with you for future events.

Thank you so much!

Rae Levine,
Executive Director
CLAM ( Community Land Trust Association of West Marin)

How much I save using Eventbee?

This is the question we have been asked hundreds of times since we went live with our new flat $1 fee per ticket model.

To make it simple, we developed simple savings calculator. Find it on our home page, just below our contact info, click on “My Savings by switching to Eventbee” link. Make sure to enable pop-ups to see the savings calculator window.

Just input what you are paying now, it will display how much you save by switching to Eventbee 🙂 You can also see savings in Credit Card processing fee by using Google checkout or PayPal as your CC processing provider.

Here is the screenshot:

Evenbee Savings Calculator
Evenbee Savings Calculator

Eventbee covered in Bonjourevents.com

If you are looking for very precise third party view on Eventbee, don’t miss reading Eventbee article in Bonjourevents.com.

Here is the snippet from coverage:

Selling event tickets online can be complex, as well as costly, for the organizers. The team at Event Bee decided to change the business model and recently announced a new payment structure that should appeal to event planners, especially charity event organizers.

Event Bee now charges a $1 flat fee per ticket sold using their system rather than the industry standard of taking a percentage of the ticket cost.

Link to complete article: