Offer Exclusivity to Your Attendees

Have you ever had to manage events in which there are limited places, and the people taking them are not who you had in mind? Are you wasting resources on people that are not potential clients? This is more common than one would think, and it is one of the main factors affecting the event industry. Keep reading to find out how to offer exclusivity to your attendees. 

You must know you’re not the only one that has struggled with this issue, as many companies have trouble with achieving attendee-exclusive events. We are sure that for organizations, whether they’re growing or already established in the market, one of the fundamental things when decision-making is budget. For this reason, we must be careful when selecting who we want to reach to avoid spending on implements that will not pay off.

At in-person events, there are limited places and bigger venues will cost more money, apart from being harder to secure. Especially in times of COVID-19, where only a certain number of people can be gathered in closed spaces. It has been seen that many individuals take advantage of these types of events to attend as if it was a just-grab free lunch and drinks invitation, completely ignoring the purpose of the gathering and therefore, not being interested in what the presenters have to say. 

As for the virtual events, even though there are not limited spaces or seating, corporations have to pay fees for each user that connects as if they were actually occupying a physical space in real life. With this, people who might not be potential clients will be able to enter these meetings with no intention of feedback. 

To avoid paying for people that will not be interested, it’s better to make sure that the attendees are people among the target audience and potential clients who will show interest in the company and help it achieve its purposes. Event security features are essential for this, as it’s explained below. 

Solutions for avoiding unwanted people in your event are available in Eventbee, as service providers in the industry: 

  • Exclusivity: This is made to restrict the attendees that can get in. Consists of managers creating, for example, passwords that will be required to customers before being able to purchase the tickets. These passwords will be shared among your target market, so those who join will be in the company’s interest. This way, you can regulate who is entering the event, since you will be giving the password/code to an audience that you know will engage and be active within the presentations, and only those selected will be able to attend. 
  • Priority Registration: You can also fulfill your exclusivity purpose with priority registration, which for example includes sharing specific links for the purchase of tickets to certain people that the company is interested in attending their events, in an individual and more personal manner.
  • Ticketing rules: Using this, there can be conditions made to register for an event, for example, you have to register for the whole conference to be able to enter each session.
  • Buyer page: Since attendee registration is fundamental to exclusivity, this mechanism is used to share access to unique content among attendees by using their profile information. Upcoming events, additional information, promotions, etc. can be communicated through this channel.

The promotion of these types of meetings can be tricky, as in most cases it’s better to have the biggest audience possible of the same industry while keeping it exclusive. 

Nevertheless, this is no issue for us. In Eventbee, we keep in mind that budgets are essential to promote events whether it’s online, in-person or hybrids, and other necessities our customers could have (venues, technology tools, etc). We also consider the purposes and objectives of each company that contacts us, listen to what the managers have to say, and respect their inputs when it comes to decision-making. Such as choosing the channel in which the exclusive code will be shared, or which way to keep up with attendee registration is most accessible for them. 

As Kathy O’Hern of Montana Association of Weavers & Spinners said: “As we began researching online registration applications, we could not find a solution that specifically met our needs for a complex registration process. Eventbee, however, accommodated our requirements by creating customized ‘ticketing rules’ to prevent registrations being made during conflicting days and times while staying well within our budget.” (2016).

So what are you waiting for to contact us and have that attendee-exclusive event that you want, to collect its benefits and optimize the resources? Contacting us is just far away from one click

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