Eventbee Announces Support for Authorize.net, Stripe, and Braintree Payments

We are excited to announce that Eventbee now supports Authorize.net, Stripe and Braintree Payments.  With this announcement, Eventbee is the only company in the events industry that supports a wide variety of payment providers, which already include Paypal and Google.

These newly added credit card processing companies allow Eventbee to extend its platform to event managers worldwide to process payments in over 130 currencies. By supporting a wide range of payment providers, Eventbee allows event managers to choose their preferred payment provider and immediate access to ticket sale proceeds.

There is a lot of innovation happening in the payments industry. We are excited to pass the benefits of that innovation to our customers by embracing them while maintaining our focus on developing new technologies in the events industry.

Brief description of newly added payment providers:

Since 1996, Authorize.Net has been the leading provider of payment services with over billions of secured transactions. Currently over 380,000 merchants use Authorize.Net’s services in USA and UK.

Braintree has a presence in more than 40 countries worldwide and processes payments in more than 130 different currencies.

Stripe positions its solution as a simple, elegant alternative to more complex payment gateways or dealing with banks, credit card companies and other parties.

Click here to see our press release!

Introducing Eventbee Ticketing App for Facebook Fan Page!

We are excited to announce the new Eventbee Ticketing App for Facebook Fan Page.  Now your fans can purchase tickets directly from your Fan Page without having to leave Facebook.

Just click on the following link and follow the quick steps to install the app and start selling tickets right from your Fan Page: http://apps.facebook.com/eventbeeticketing


– Automatically create a “Buy Tickets” tab on your Fan Page

– Link “Buy Tickets” tab to a single event or all your events

– Customize tab image and wording

– Track ticket sales coming from your Facebook Fan Page

Buy Tickets

Example customer


Happy ticket selling from your Facebook Fan Page!

Introducing Volumebee: Get One to Many!

We are excited to finally introduce the newest member of the Bee family, Volumebee (http://www.volumebee.com), to the world!

Volumebee allows users to define a goal and provide tools to get communities to reach that goal. The goal can be fundraising, promotions, or selling items. Allows users to create a branded web page, with the goal tracker and potential reward description. Participants who visit this web page will act towards the goal with just one click! Participants will also spread the goal to their friends by sharing via various social networks.

“Volumebee’s group ticket selling concept was a great tool for kick-starting our New Year’s Eve event ticket sales!” – J. Ramon Estevez, President, UVMG

Volumebee Use Cases: 

  • Sell Items – Product launch funding, Group event discounts, Clearing inventory, etc.
  • Raise Money – Mass or Individual fundraising, etc.
  • Promotions – Event promotions, Market research campaign, etc.

 Volumebee Highlights:

  1.  Instant branded webpage to convey goal and potential reward
  2.  Ability to accept fixed or variable payments towards the goal
  3.  Flexibility in credit card payment processing
  4.  Automated system to reward participants when the goal is reached
  5.  Keep track of goal duration and progress

Eventbee Celebrates 10 Years!

Eventbee is celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary and we would like to thank you for your support.

As part of celebrating our success, we are giving away ONE MILLION dollars worth of Bee Credits, which can be used towards service fee payments. We will reward $100 Bee Credits for each customer you refer to Eventbee, and the new customer will also receive $100 Bee Credits. For more information, visit http://www.eventbee.com/main/eventbee-10-year-anniversary-promotion

We would also like to extend an invite to our 10 Year Anniversary party on January 25th! For more details and to RSVP, visit http://10yearanniversary.eventbee.com

Here are 10 interesting facts about Eventbee:

1. Eventbee initially started as an attendee networking site, way before the social networking phenomenon started.

2. First company in the events industry to bring a flat-fee pricing model, charging only $1 per ticket sold.

3. Eventbee supports credit card payment processing for over 20 different currencies.

4. Eventbee is used in 84 countries (and counting!) around the world.

5. Only ticketing company that gives a 25% discount in service fees to non-profits.

6. Eventbee customers have saved millions of dollars with flat-fee pricing model, compared to the competition.

7. Company doesn’t implement customer contracts since Eventbee doesn’t believe in binding clients.

8. Eventbee is the first online ticketing company to reward attendees for their event promotions.

9. Operates 24/7 in offices located in the US and India to assist customers and improve services.

10. Volumebee (http://www.volumebee.com), the newest member of the Eventbee family, is announced as part of its 10-year anniversary.

Introducing Bee Credits For Event Managers – Up To 30% Discount In Service Fees!

We are excited to introduce Bee Credits (B$), which will make your service fee payments quicker and easier! Each Bee Credit is equal to $1 in value. Buy them in advance and save up to 30% of your event ticketing price – that’s only 70₵ per ticket!

Choose from:

100 Bee Credits – $100
500 Bee Credits – $475 (5% discount)
1,000 Bee Credits – $900 (10% discount)
5,000 Bee Credits – $4,250 (15% discount)
10,000 Bee Credits – $8,000 (20% discount)
50,000 Bee Credits – $37,500 (25% discount)
100,000 Bee Credits – $70,000 (30% discount)

To buy Bee Credits, login to your account, go to the “My Account” tab, and click on the “Buy Bee Credits” button.

Eventbee for Common Good – 2012

We are super excited to announce our Common Good program for 2012. We are offering 25% discount on our PRO and VENUE ticketing service fee to all non-profit events dedicated to the common good for the year 2012.

Nonprofit pricing:

BASIC  Ticketing – $1 per ticket, regardless of ticket price and currency

PRO Ticketing – $1.13 per ticket, regardless of ticket price and currency (Regular price $1.50)

VENUE Ticketing – $1.50 per ticket, regardless of ticket price and currency (Regular price $2)

For complete details on our feature set and pricing, please visit http://www.eventbee.com/main/pricing

This is our way of thanking you for hosting common good events.

Sign up for an Eventbee account with the promotional code GOOD to receive this discount.


1. How do I qualify for this program?

A. If you are hosting a non-profit event in which its sole purpose is not dedicated to making a profit, sign up for a free Eventbee account with the promotional code GOOD and start receiving your 25% discount on PRO and VENUE ticketing.

2. Do I need to submit any paper work?

A. No we don’t ask you to submit any paper work. We don’t believe in giving you more work when you are already busy managing your event!

3. How long this program is valid?

A. We are planning to run this program entire 2012, so all events you are hosting in 2012 with PRO and VENUE ticketing will get 25% discount in service fee.

4. We love this program, how can we thank you?

A. Spread the word! We love to see as many common good events as possible take advantage of this opportunity.

We would like you to display “Ticketing Powered by Eventbee” image on your website and emails. Log in to your account, get this Referral Button code on the bottom right of the “My Events” page, under “Eventbee Associates.”

5. I have more questions, who do I contact?

A. Please drop us an email at support @ eventbee.com

Introducing Eventbee Network Ticket Selling

Wondering how you can take advantage of growing emphasis on social media these days? Eventbee has created the solution. Welcome to Eventbee Network Ticket Selling, the new way of selling tickets on Facebook!

Eventbee Network Ticket Selling gives event managers the ability to easily market to the friends of their attendees. All an event manager has to do is set a commission rate on each ticket sale. Then, attendees post a customized link on their Facebook walls, and for every ticket sold through that link they are rewarded in the form of Bee Credits. Attendees can use Bee Credits to make future ticket purchases or redeem them for other promotional incentives.

This is what Josh Catone, Features Editor of http://www.mashable.com says

“Facebook has an amazing platform for virally publicizing events, but right now, it doesn’t have any way to support ticket sales. Eventbee solves that problem using Facebook Connect in a very clever way. Not only can events be promoted on Facebook via your friends’ news feeds, but Eventbee offers a way to turn your Facebook friends into ticket sellers.”

Network Ticket Selling is not trying to have attendees spam friends. But instead, attendees are just receiving a small incentive to let their friends know what event they are attending, and why they should come as well. Eventbee believes that the word of mouth approach that Network Ticket Selling uses will create a more credible message when attendees inform their friends, resulting in easy and greater numbers of ticket sales.

Eventbee’s patent pending technology allows you to create effective viral marketing campaigns and sell more tickets by effectively tapping attendee’s social graph on Facebook.

New concepts we are introducing part of this feature release:

Bee Credits (B$):

Attendees get rewarded with Bee Credits for promoting events. Bee Credits can be used towards future ticket purchases and other promotional incentives. The value of the Bee Credit always stays one dollar or above.

Attendee Accounts:

To keep track of the Bee Credits earned we are introducing attendee accounts. Sign up is very simple and quick with the integration of Facebook Connect. Attendees are able to view purchases, print tickets and also promote events on their Facebook with simple clicks in attendee accounts.

How do I enable Network Ticket Selling on my event?

Its very simple:

1. Login to your account at Eventbee

2. Go to event manage page of the event you would like to enable Network Ticket Selling

3. Click on Network Ticket Selling link in Advanced section of the left Menu bar

4. Enable Network Ticket Selling and set commission on each ticket sale

Link to our press release: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/11/prweb8929017.htm