Event Manager and Attendee Communication

Are you one of those managers that like sharing exclusive information for your attendees, but you realize you don’t know how to do it? When e-mailing each person, the information will take too much time that you could spend on something else? In this article, we will provide you with guidance for when you have these kinds of issues.

As a manager, you should have a special page where you can mass share exclusive facts and data with your attendees.

In Eventbee, we always want to help with your event creation and the chores that come with it. For this reason, we have the perfect solution: a design attendee page. So how does it work for the content manager?

  • We have personalized widget options.
  • You can edit your profile, make different files and check who’s attending.
  • You can customize your exclusive page with custom widgets that include: Content, photos, videos, and virtual meetings. 

That way, you will make sure to share all the information you need and promote events while making them visually attractive to everyone who enters the page.  

If you want to know how it works for the clients, keep reading! 

  • Once you are registered in our system, you can access the purchase of tickets for upcoming events.
  • As soon as you purchase your tickets and the charge is made, you will receive a confirmation email, with your transaction ID and the event URL.
  • On that same email, linked will be the attendee page exclusively made for them and can be easily accessed by anyone with the link.
  • It will be a private channel of communication, from the manager to the public. 
  • On this page, you could find different items of interest, such as:
  • The broadcast of the event
  • Official information
  • Legal documentation that you will need to sign
  • Exclusive videos
  • Schedule for the event

With all of these objects, you will achieve effective communication with your attendees that can have many benefits. As Management Study Guide says, “Communication helps managers to perform their jobs and responsibilities. Communication serves as a foundation for planning.” (2021). 

Therefore, having an exclusive channel in which the content manager can share information and communicate with your attendees is highly beneficial for the company. Especially for those managers in charge of planning and directing, since they can have a clearer vision of what the guests are most interested in. 

It has advantages for the clients too, as event creation can sometimes get very messy and the instructions can be confusing. With this feature, attendees can avoid misunderstandings of dates and make the entrance process easier by filing paperwork in advance.

Don’t wait any longer and contact us at Eventbee so that we can help you obtain all the advantages of a design attendee page for your event.

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