TechCrunch breaks new Eventbee flat $1 pricing model

TechCrunch breaks the news one day before our formal press release, officially scheduled for tomorrow.

Here is the Techcrunch coverage:

Here is the complete text of our press release: 

Eventbee brings pricing disruption to the event ticketing market, introduces flat $1 per ticket fee model, regardless of ticket price!

Eventbee Inc., the online Event Management software company trusted by thousands of event managers and attendees, announced today the release of Eventbee 3.0. The new release introduces the ground-breaking $1 per ticket service fee model, regardless of ticket price. This disruptive pricing model essentially grounds the traditional percentage-based pricing model that has been perceived as an industry standard until now.

Eventbee believes that an Event Manager or Attendee should not be paying more for the same piece of software just because the ticket price is more. Percentage-based pricing is old school thinking. Eventbee is here to change and challenge how things work in the Events industry. With this new release, Eventbee changes the dynamics of the Event Ticketing market, moving away from the rest of the competition to provide more savings to Event Managers and Attendees.

This power punched release also brings the following features in response to customer demands:

PayPal and Google Support

Now you can use PayPal or Google for credit card processing to save on credit card processing fees.

  • Low credit card processing fees with PayPal or Google
  • Instantly receive ticket sale proceeds to your PayPal or Google account
  • PayPal and Google are trusted by millions of users online

Facebook Event Register Application

Event Register Faceebook application is available starting immediately. You can add Event Register application by visiting

  • Add tickets to your Facebook events with just a few clicks and enable online payment instantly
  • Your Facebook event page visitors do not go out of the Facebook context to register for the event
  • Increase your event visibility through mini-feeds and other viral effects built into the Event Register application
  • Display all your ticketed events in Event Register application box in your profile page

Amazon Web Services

Eventbee migrated its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. Our reliability and scalability is as good as Amazon Web Services itself.

  • You can count on 24/7 availability of your event ticketing
  • Reliable cloud computing platform trusted by thousands of companies
  • Easy scaling to support more traffic and users

SPECIAL PROMOTION: We will credit $100 towards the Service Fee for your first event. Experience the power of the Eventbee platform while selling your first 100 tickets for FREE.

About Eventbee

Eventbee Inc., provides state-of-the-art web-based event management and event promotion tools to the Events Industry. Since 2003, over 7000 Event Managers sell tickets using the Eventbee Platform. Eventbee operates with the single mission of maximizing ticket sales while providing easy to use web-based software to the Events Industry. 

All material presented here is a copyright of Eventbee Inc., and all features mentioned in the document above are the property of the company. Sell More Tickets. Put Less Efforts!

2 thoughts on “TechCrunch breaks new Eventbee flat $1 pricing model

  1. Sounds like a great idea – lowering the barrier to entry is a great plan. With a fee so low did you consider going 100% free and just relying on Ad revenue? Not being critical just intrigued as to your pricing rationale.

    Good luck with V3.0

    Cheers – Eric

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