Introducing Tracking URLs

You might have noticed that we keep adding new features but don’t blog much about them!

But, this new Tracking URLs feature deserves special Blog post, as it is powerful and easy to use tool to measure which Partners/Affiliates (or Websites) are bringing in visitors and ticket sales to your event.

This feature allows you to create a unique link to the event page, share it with Partner/Affiliate and measure ticket sales from that Partner/Affiliate. You can also measure ticket sales from particular Website by placing tracking URL on it.

Creating Tracking URLs:

Go to Event Manage page, and click on Create button in Tracking URLs box to create Tracking URL. Tracking URLs have easy to remember URL format, http://<event page URL>/track/<tracking URL name>.

NOTE: Create custom Event page URL before creating Tracking URLs

For example, we created Twitter specific Tracking URL to measure visitors/ticket sales from Twitter, and another for Angela to measure visitors/ticket sales she is brining in from her Tracking URL.


Managing Tracking URLs:

Event Manager or Partner/Affiliate can manage and customize Tracking URL by visiting http://<tracking URL>/manage

  • Event Manager has complete control on managing Tracking URLs:

– Suspending/Activating Tracking URL

– Setting Password

– Customizing resulting Event page with photo and custom message

– Viewing visitor/sales reports

  • Partner/Affiliate can do following tasks:

– Customizing resulting Event page with photo and custom message

– Viewing visitor/sales reports






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