Introducing Eventbee 4.0

Eventbee 4.0 announcement just hit the wires! Here is the content from our press release:

Eventbee Announces Its Launch of Eventbee 4.0. Bringing Technology Disruption to the Events Industry!

Introducing Real Time Check-In, One Click Registration, Private Ticketing and many more innovations to claim technology leadership in the global events industry!

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) July 14, 2010 — Eventbee Inc., the online event management software company trusted by the thousands of event managers and attendees all over the world, proudly announced today the release of Eventbee 4.0. This new release of Eventbee 4.0 introduces technology innovations that include Real Time Check-In Android Application, One Click Registration, Donation Management Tools as well as Tracking URLs and Private Ticketing capability.

With this exciting launch of Eventbee 4.0, every aspect of the event management functionality is streamlined with the most efficient, effective and enriching experience the company has brilliantly gained over the past seven years of serving the industry. This release once again impressively demonstrates that Eventbee is the world’s most advanced, user-friendly ticketing system on the planet with the incredibly disruptive $1 FLAT fee per ticket pricing model, regardless of ticket price and currency!

“Eventbee 4.0 leverages best available technologies out there to bring technology disruption to the events industry, similar to how we introduced pricing disruption with our $1 FLAT fee per ticket model a few years back.” said Bala Musrif, Founder and CEO of Eventbee.

Notable Highlights of Eventbee 4.0:

Real time attendee Check-In and Tracking capability with Android Application

Allows real time attendee Check-In at the venue using Android phones. On the spot syncing of Check-In data with Eventbee server back-end allows parallel attendee Check-In using multiple Android phones. In addition, event manager(s) can monitor attendee Check-In process from anywhere in the world using Android phone!

This app is completely FREE, eliminates usage of expensive tracking devices and software, resulting huge savings to the event managers. Visit to download Eventbee Check-In app.

One Click Registration

Copy and paste context specific URL such as Web URL, Facebook URL, Ning URL or widget code of the event page wherever you want, and make ticket sale happen within that context resulting seamless user experience to the attendees.

Tracking URLs

Create a unique link to the event page that shares with your partner/affiliate and measure ticket sales from that partner/affiliate. You can also measure ticket sales from particular web page by placing tracking URL on it.

Private Ticketing

Enables private registrations on your event. Create private ticketing pages with selected tickets that are not available to the general public.

Custom Questions

Ask custom questions and collect answers at transaction level, and also at ticket level.


Collect variable amount of donations from the attendee(s) in the event registration process.


30 days FREE ticketing on all events hosted in USA, Canada, UK by new Eventbee customers. 60 days FREE ticketing for new customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and rest of the Europe!

About Eventbee

Eventbee Inc. provides state-of-the-art web-based event management and event promotion tools to the online Events Industry. Since 2003, over 10,000 Event Managers sell tickets using the Eventbee Platform. Eventbee operates with the single mission of maximizing ticket sales while providing easy to use web-based software to the Events Industry.

Press Contact

Angela Rio
408 310 6768

All material presented here is a copyright of Eventbee Inc., and all features mentioned in the document above are the property of the company.

Sell More Tickets With Less Effort!”

One thought on “Introducing Eventbee 4.0

  1. Hi Bala & co,

    The previous version of your service was cutting-edge… this new one sounds its on the bleeding-edge… looking forward to taking it for a test-drive… am about to add my first EBv4 event!~)

    You’re the best at what you do ~ thanks heaps!!


    Deja Vu Events, Melbourne, Australia

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