Announcing Eventbee Referral Program

Happy new year, and we want to start your new year with a sweet note from the company you love! Today we are introducing our brand new Eventbee Referral Program.

Refer your friends to Eventbee, and  earn 15% of revenues we generate in the first year from your referral(s)  as your commission!

Wait, we have a special introductory bonus too. If your referral has a paid event by February 28th, you will be credited $100 on your next event.

Steps to get your Referral URL/Button:

As an Eventbee customer, you already have a Referral URL/Button code in your account. Follow these steps to get them.

1. Login to your Eventbee account

2. Look for Eventbee Associates box displayed in the right column (as shown below)

Eventbee Associates Box

3. Share your referral URL with your friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, include in your Emails and display Referral Button on your website


How do I get paid?

We will do a 12 month accounting on your referral(s) and contact you with payment details.

How can I apply the $100 introductory bonus on my event?

Your $100 credit is valid on any event that is ticketed before June 30th, please email us at and let us know on which event you would like to apply the credit. Note, credit is valid only for one event!

How can I make my friends sign up for Eventbee?

Following are the most popular ways to spread the word among friends

1. Use Referral Button code and display the following button on your website and blog

Powered by Eventbee Ticketing

2. Post your Referral URL on Facebook and let your friends know that you are using Eventbee ticketing

3. Tweet your Referral URL on Twitter and let your followers know that your events are powered by Eventbee ticketing

4. Share your Referral URL with friends through Emails and other communication methods

If you have any questions on this program, don’t hesitate to email us at support @

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