Top 5 Reasons Why Eventbee Is The BEST For Your Halloween Ticketing!

Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate Eventbee is having a Halloween Ticket Special! If you go live with us by September 15th, we will give you $100 service fee credit for your Halloween event!

We provide our ticketing service to over 30,000 event managers worldwide, and our service fee is only $1 per ticket sale, no additional % fee like other companies! By using our service, you will get all the following benefits for your upcoming Halloween party:

1. Free Advertisement
Free Google, Facebook and Twitter advertisement! Yes, we don’t charge you a dime for advertising!

2. Facebook Ticketing App

Now your fans can purchase tickets and share the event on Facebook, resulting in an increase in ticket sales. Just click on the following link to install the app:

3. Website & Email Promotions

Free promotion on and our Halloween newsletter sent out to the Eventbee community!

4. Immediate Access to Ticket Sale Proceeds
You can use PayPal, Stripe, Braintree or payment processing to receive ticket sale proceeds instantly to your account, no need to wait until the event is over!
5. Hundreds of Features

We have advanced features backed by 10 years of experience to manage any kind of event. You get access to features such as tracking URLs to track sales from different Promoters and Websites. We also have an iPhone/iPad/Android App to easily Check-In attendees at the event.
To get started, sign up for a FREE account at for your Halloween Party ticketing and email me your event link to!


Stephanie, Marketing
Eventbee Inc.

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