Introducing Eventbee Network Ticket Selling

Wondering how you can take advantage of growing emphasis on social media these days? Eventbee has created the solution. Welcome to Eventbee Network Ticket Selling, the new way of selling tickets on Facebook!

Eventbee Network Ticket Selling gives event managers the ability to easily market to the friends of their attendees. All an event manager has to do is set a commission rate on each ticket sale. Then, attendees post a customized link on their Facebook walls, and for every ticket sold through that link they are rewarded in the form of Bee Credits. Attendees can use Bee Credits to make future ticket purchases or redeem them for other promotional incentives.

This is what Josh Catone, Features Editor of says

“Facebook has an amazing platform for virally publicizing events, but right now, it doesn’t have any way to support ticket sales. Eventbee solves that problem using Facebook Connect in a very clever way. Not only can events be promoted on Facebook via your friends’ news feeds, but Eventbee offers a way to turn your Facebook friends into ticket sellers.”

Network Ticket Selling is not trying to have attendees spam friends. But instead, attendees are just receiving a small incentive to let their friends know what event they are attending, and why they should come as well. Eventbee believes that the word of mouth approach that Network Ticket Selling uses will create a more credible message when attendees inform their friends, resulting in easy and greater numbers of ticket sales.

Eventbee’s patent pending technology allows you to create effective viral marketing campaigns and sell more tickets by effectively tapping attendee’s social graph on Facebook.

New concepts we are introducing part of this feature release:

Bee Credits (B$):

Attendees get rewarded with Bee Credits for promoting events. Bee Credits can be used towards future ticket purchases and other promotional incentives. The value of the Bee Credit always stays one dollar or above.

Attendee Accounts:

To keep track of the Bee Credits earned we are introducing attendee accounts. Sign up is very simple and quick with the integration of Facebook Connect. Attendees are able to view purchases, print tickets and also promote events on their Facebook with simple clicks in attendee accounts.

How do I enable Network Ticket Selling on my event?

Its very simple:

1. Login to your account at Eventbee

2. Go to event manage page of the event you would like to enable Network Ticket Selling

3. Click on Network Ticket Selling link in Advanced section of the left Menu bar

4. Enable Network Ticket Selling and set commission on each ticket sale

Link to our press release:

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